What Exactly Does TRF Do?

What Exactly Does TRF Do?

It’s more than a diagnosis.

When a family receives a pediatric cancer diagnosis, the impact is felt in every single avenue of their life. 94% of pediatric cancer parents state they either cut hours, quit a job, or quit working overtime because of their child’s illness.

Families face added costs related to travel for treatment, increased childcare needs for siblings, loss of income, and much more. 1 in 4 families reports losing more than 40% of their annual household income as a result of the impact of a pediatric cancer diagnosis.

TRF steps in to alleviate these added hurdles and with the support of incredible people like you, can give parents the freedom to focus on what really matters most – each other.

Also, did you know that $0.85 of every dollar donated to TRF goes directly to family support?




Learn more about Savannah and her family’s story. Savannah beat cancer TWICE and TRF is honored to be just a small part of their journey.

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