The Why Behind M4 – Marching Against Pediatric Cancer

If Imagine Dragons’ non-profit, The Tyler Robinson Foundation (TRF) is the home that provides financial relief to pediatric cancer families, then March Fo[u]rth (M4) is the definitely the heart of that home.

The Foundation’s namesake, Tyler Holt Robinson, left this earthly existence on March 4, 2013 after succumbing to Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form on cancer that was diagnosed in August 2011.

While Tyler was undergoing chemo, Imagine Dragons’ front man and lead singer, Dan Reynolds, heard about his story and wanted to meet him during a show in Utah. Tyler and his older brother Jesse went on to form a close friendship with Dan and the other band members, Wayne Sermon, Dan Platzman, and Ben McKee.

To learn more about this inspiring story, watch this video to see why Dan Reynolds and the band, Imagine Dragons, have changed because of Tyler Robinson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISpAgxW1vQw

Immediately after Tyler’s passing, the Robinson family vowed that they would honor him and this date, March 4, by marching forth through life no matter how difficult the road.

Today M4, is the annual awareness and giving campaign of TRF and March 4 is the kickoff date to worldwide fundraising events, individual donations, and the a multitude of voices helping to Raise 1 Million Voices of Hope for Pediatric Cancer Families.

The Brutal Facts

The truth is that about 10,450 children in the United States will be diagnosed with pediatric cancer in 2015. After accidents, cancer is the second cause of death in children.

And unbelievably, there’s an additional burden to manage when parents get this terrifying news.

There’s the financial fallout… the things that no one talks about like the cost of completely sanitizing the family home each month, or childcare for the other children, tutoring, travel, and the loss of income when a parent quits a job to care for the ill child.

Then when you learn the horrifying news that for all types of childhood cancer combined in the U.S, the federal government only sets aside 4% of it’s research funding for these children, well… why wouldn’t you join M4?

Even though TRF is generously supported by corporate sponsors including SAP, Hard Rock, NTT Data, and others we couldn’t do this work without you.

Every single adult and child is needed to help us raise awareness, hope, and yes, money to support these children and their families during the toughest times imaginable.

For so little you can do so much. Please help us March Fo[u]rth today and everyday.


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