The Faces of TRF – Lindsey

Meet this lovely and effervescent lady. Lindsey is our social media expert. Who are we kidding? She’s our everything expert!

Lindsey is an East coast native turned Utah local who’s been working professionally in social media for almost seven years. She’s a wife to one, mother to four, friend to many. Lindsey considers herself a life aficionado and experienced fun facilitator. She’s a lover of, and, active participant in the fine arts and culinary world. She prefers warm colors, warm places, and warm people.


What five words describe you? I like fun. (I can do it in 3 words.)

What drew you to the mission of TRF? I’m sort of a music video junkie and last fall I came across the Demons video. I was completely enamored. After watching the video a million or two times, I had fallen in love with TRF. In the same time period, I was on the look-out for an opportunity to do something meaningful with my skill set and half a year or so later, when I unexpectedly found myself in the presence of some of the TRF team, I felt like it was a match made in heaven. Literally. 

As a published social media expert, what is the number one action that businesses/nonprofits can do to increase shares? The key is remembering that social media is supposed to be SOCIAL. No one follows you to listen to you talk about yourself endlessly. Give more than you take and remember that it’s a dialogue, not a monologue.

What did you want to be when you grew up? As cliche as it sounds, I wanted to be a mother, but professionally I wanted to be an art teacher or a talk show host. Good thing I got the first part accomplished!

You created personal 40 by 40 list. What’s the top thing on your list that you want to do or see by the time you are 40 years old? I can’t choose just one, that’s way too hard! Ultimately, I think I’ll have to go with the two goals that I think will be the most difficult to accomplish. I’d like to visit a sister that’s living in Abu Dhabi and I’d like to attend the GRAMMY Awards. The rest I think I’ll have a decent handle on… at least I hope! Here’s my final list: http://www.linzlinzlinz.com/2014/08/40-by-fourty-personal-challenge.html

What inspirational quote do you live by? “She was love personified.” Ultimately my absolute #1 goal in life is to live a life that creates this legacy.

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