Student Joins Other Pediatric Cancer Advocates in D.C.

Student Joins Other Pediatric Cancer Advocates in D.C.

Gavin Morrison is a 15-year-old who, unexpectedly, found himself becoming a passionate advocate for The Tyler Robinson Foundation and pediatric cancer.

Gavin and and a number of other young students attended a Connect4Cancer program held in Washington D.C. earlier this month. The following is this remarkable young man’s thoughts about his experience.

When I was asked to represent TRF at Connect4Cancer’s student advocates program in Washington D.C. I had no idea what an incredible experience it would be. From talking stats to meeting with congressional officers and most importantly the incredible people involved, this program really had it all.

The camp really is the ultimate experience for any cancer advocate, from meeting people who are fighting for the same things as you to meeting people with completely different initiatives you really do get to see all sides in the battle against childhood cancer.

With the guidance of incredible instructors any high school student can and will take something of value away from this experience that they can bring home and use to advocate in their own communities.

What I Learned

  1. One of the five main things I took away from this experience is a fuller understanding of what it is like to go through the pediatric cancer experience. I have not personally been touched by cancer myself but after hearing the stories of the other advocates that had either had a sibling or friend diagnosed with cancer or had even had cancer themselves I was given a much better understanding as to why families facing this incredibly horrible experience need and deserve support to help alleviate some of the stresses they are facing.
  2. Another thing I took away from this is how important it is to get your voice out into the world. I have learned that there is not a more powerful tool then a human voice. Speaking out for what you believe in is the single most important thing when it comes to advocating.
  3. One of the other things I learned while at this camp is that nothing is easy, all you can do is keep pushing and pushing until something moves. If you stay persistent, work together and never let up something will happen and it will most definitely be for the greater good.
  4. Yet another great skill I learned in this camp is how to attract the attention of people in power. Through various speakers sharing their ideas and experiences. I have learned that the best way to get someone’s attention is to be prepared, to know and to believe in what you are talking about and to try your hardest to make a personal connection with that person, give them something that they will remember.
  5. The final thing I took away from the camp is that pediatric cancer is a huge thing and curing it and supporting families takes the efforts of thousands of people working in many different ways and that no one channel of the fight is more important than another. Whatever your channel may be and whatever your passion is just know that no matter what as long as you are doing something you are making a difference.

The leaders and other students involved in the camp were some of the most amazing people I have met. I am proud to be connected to them in this battle against pediatric cancer.


Representing the Tyler Robinson Foundation at the Connect4Cancer camp has been an experience I will never forget and that will help me as I move forward in the battle against childhood cancer.

It allowed me to meet people with a similar passion, to make friends and colleagues in the cancer community, taught me the skills I will need to help me to advocate for children and teens with cancer and most importantly encouraged me to use my voice to push towards a better and brighter future for families fighting this terrible battle.

It is our peers and friends that are being killed by pediatric cancer. I would encourage all young people to stand up and become part of this fight to end childhood cancer and to help families affected by it.

Join Me

If you want to become involved but don’t know where to start please contact me through the Tyler Robinson Foundation and I will be happy to share resources and discuss how you too can become involved in the battle to slay cancer.


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