Stay Home for Me.

Stay Home for Me.

Stay Home for Me.

It’s not just seniors and adults with pre-existing conditions that need us to practice social distancing. Our TRF families are facing unforeseen complications and unbelievable challenges.

The TRF Emergency Fund was set up to help our families with emergency needs, like immediate help with groceries, diapers, and other non-negotiables, in times of unexpected circumstances. 100% of the emergency funds raised in the months of March and April will be distributed to families facing these issues.

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Donate to the TRF Emergency Fund
 I know it is scary out there right now, but it is extra scary when you have a child who is immune-compromised. My husband’s job is considered essential and we desperately hope that the virus doesn’t enter our home and affect our child.”
– Ashley, a TRF Mom.
 Getting to grocery stores to purchase essential items has been a huge challenge. Hand sanitizer is sold out everywhere which is something we definitely need. Only 1 parent is able to attend our child’s cancer care appointments which is hard for emotional support and decision making. We don’t even want to leave our child alone to go and get them lunch or a snack. The COVID-19 virus has definitely impacted our family.”
– the Moniz Family
Donate to the TRF Emergency Fund
As of now, we are prioritizing all our scheduled appointments and the daily needs for food & household item.
Our family’s only source of income has been through the casino industry. My husband was laid off, as were all his co-workers.”
– the Sanchez Family

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