THE SPARROW: May 2017 Edition

THE SPARROW: May 2017 Edition

Introducing the Glenn Family

The TRF team is proud to spotlight Treyson Glenn this month.

Treyson is eleven years old, and the third of four boys. Born with Down Syndrome, he was relatively healthy, with the exception of being diagnosed with Tracheomalacia and needing an open heart surgery at the age of three. Unfortunately that changed when Treyson was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia in 2010.

The Glenn family’s new way of life consisted of chemo, medications, surgeries, procedures, and many new complications and hurdles. While Treyson’s Down Syndrome caused more toxicities and issues than a typical child with cancer, he faced life with a happy demeanor. Treyson completed cancer treatment in August of 2013 and continued his monthly checks. Exactly one year later the Glenn family was informed that his Leukemia had returned, and had evolved into both ALL and AML.

Last summer the Glenn family visited Seattle for six weeks to take part in a clinical trial called Car-T Cell Therapy, a version of immunotherapy that has been successful for Leukemia patients that were running out of other treatment options. This therapy was going to allow Treyson’s body an extended period of time to be cancer and treatment free in order for him to become stronger and to recover from all he had been through to that point.

The doctors were pleased with the results of the Car-T Cell Therapy; however the new cells only lasted 3 months. Ultimately, medical professionals were concerned Treyson’s cancer would return and be more aggressive, therefore the family made the decision to endure an even more intense bone marrow transplant, and were rushed through the process.

Treyson began the transplant in January of this year. His little body is now in the best shape it has been in, for many years. He is now 2 months out of transplant, and the family is praying that his future will be much brighter as a result. The most recent biopsy showed Treyson continues to be 100% cancer free!

The following is a message from Kristine Glenn, Treyson’s mother:

“To say that TRF has been a blessing to us throughout this journey would be a huge understatement.  I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without your assistance.  Each transplant and the clinical trial forced me to take 4-7 weeks off of work at a time with no pay.  Because of you guys, I was under much less financial stress and struggle to try to keep bills paid and a roof over our heads.  Being a single mom of four boys, continuing to provide for them is a must and without you I wouldn’t have been able to do so.  You allowed me to turn my focus to Trey and his treatment, allowing me to be mentally healthier with less stress, so that I can be there and care for him.  While I don’t know if we will have more hurdles ahead or if we will begin to enjoy some normalcy to our life, I will always continue to be so very grateful for what you have done. You at TRF have been so kind when I needed it most, you understand because you’ve been where I am, and you’ve turned your story and heartache into something so beautiful and inspiring by assisting other struggling families.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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Our biggest & warmest CONGRATULATIONS to Dan and Aja Reynolds on the birth of their amazing twin daughters, Gia James and Coco Rae. Gia and Cocoa were born March 28th, both right around 6 pounds. Dan, Aja, and Arrow Eve are well and adjusting as a family of five.

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