Run For Cancer

Run For Cancer

by Stacey Anderson

The sun didn’t shine and rain saturated the streets
But people put on their running shoes and adjusted their “Beats”.
Over 100 runners gathered on April 26,… for a mass start
To help children fight cancer by strengthening their hearts.
They started at Albion for a for a 5K fun run
Happy to race despite gray, heavy clouds and a lack of sun.
Racers under 14 to over 60 took off at the sound of a horn,
And ran merrily through puddles as rain continued to pour!
When it was all over, Andrew Taylor was the one who came in first
As he ran to the finish with one final burst.
With times from twenty minutes to almost forty,
There were many winners that took part in this heartwarming story!
Close to $4,000 was raised to help families fight
Childhood cancers while finding hope and making their burdens light.

When Canyons School District did their reconfiguration, part of the new plan was to have interdisciplinary teams that could work with their core student groups and plan whole team projects. At a district meeting, Denise Sidesinger (a former middle school biology teacher of Tyler Robinson’s) blurted out, “We should have a 5K!”
The team then talked about how it should benefit a good cause and since one of the units explored in language arts was courage, Denise who teaches about cancer (abnormal cell growth) during her unit on cell replication, proposed that they could support a cause dedicated to cancer.
“All of the 7th grade team loved the idea and with the themes of courage and cancer, Tyler immediately came to mind because of his wonderfully positive attitude when he was one of my students. He always had a smile on his face, worked hard and was nice to everyone. He was a special kid and I was so sad to learn of his passing.”
She then sent the link to the TRF website to the team and other teachers and they were all touched by what he had written. The language arts teachers then shared his words with their classes.
From then on, there was a collaborative effort to learn, plan and execute the 5K and their dreams for its future success only grow form here….

Thank you to the amazing sponsors who Made the race possible and successful:
Live Abundant
Nelson Laboratories
Elite Custom Exteriors
Willowcreek Children’s Center
Ortho Dana
Salt Cycles
Local area running shops (New Balance and Wasatch Runner) who advertised the event.

All results can be seen at www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=21442

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