Ready2Learn: You + Donation = Free Stuff

Ready2Learn: You + Donation = Free Stuff

You + Donation = Free Stuff

We’ve got notes, texts, and emails flooding in from our pediatric cancer families. Like so many others worldwide, these families are facing uncertainty about the upcoming school year.

The school year looks different for most people, but some of the ‘new normal’ elements have long before been habit for a typical pediatric cancer family. More hand washing. Face masks at school. Even distance learning. None of these things are new for cancer kids.

With the rest of the world in similar circumstances, we are all working together to lay foundations for each other for the 2020-2021 school year. Whether you’re face-to-face learning, distance learning, or homeschooling, getting prepped for the best education takes time and money.

Let’s come together to raise $25,000. 

This amount allows us to provide 147 TRF kids all the school supplies they need to get set up for school this year. 
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What’s in it for you?

Yes, warm fuzzies – but so much more. Take a look at our campaign page and see the incentive levels we’ve laid out for our donors.

What’s one of our TRF parents think about this?
Here’s a quote from Diana, a TRF mom:
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