A Poem for TRF

slay cancer with dragons
A young man, Tyler,
Selfless through illness,
Always lending a helping hand.
A Lively singer, Dan,
Comes into his life, generous,
With his band.
The words:
“The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell”
Rang true to the young fighter.
The young man’s story heards the singer’s attention,
He never wanted to say, “Farewell”
The young fighter lost his battle, many years unsung.
The time that followed, a legacy just began,
Treating others in the same fight, with a feel of tenderness,
With kindness in hand, the message spread.
Together we can win,
And together we will fight.
This isn’t a bandwagon,
It’s a promise forever,
To shine the young fighter’s light,
In the darkness of life.

Submitted by Faith M., Olathe North High School

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