The Sparrow: November 2019, Corner Canyon High Feature

The Sparrow: November 2019, Corner Canyon High Feature

Buy One & We’ll Give One.

It’s one of our most favorite times of the year – our “Buy One, Gift One” holiday merch campaign!

Grab your snuggly TRF throw TODAY and we will gift one to the TRF family member of your choice.

(Take a peek in our shop and find a list that includes every current TRF family member!)

These TRF throws are designed with one of Tim Cantor’s custom TRF sparrows and is 80% cotton + 20% poly sweatshirt fleece: 40 inches wide and 52 inches long.

Not only will our TRF families be warmer this year, but all proceeds will also help our pediatric families worldwide.

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Go, Sentinels!

This week, new Team TRF school, Mountain Ridge High School held it’s fundraising kickoff celebration. We’re excited to see them join together with their student body and their community to raise money for our foundation.

Our TRF kiddo Tait definitely stole the show. Do you know a school that would be interested in getting involved in our school program?

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