Mariah Teller

Mariah Teller

Mariah has always been the family’s official “angel baby”. Diagnosed at the age of two with a rare brain tumor called DIPG, Mariah was given a year to complete her sweet, yet simple, bucket list. Sadly, Mariah passed away on April 7, 2014. She was three years old.

During those precious months, Mariah’s family spent as much time as they possibly could with her, relishing every moment they had together. When Mariah’s Dad was not by her side, he was working to try and keep the family afloat. In addition to enormous medical bills, Mariah’s family has more than $25,000 in debt, related to Mariah’s treatment.

Losing a child to cancer is incomprehensible. The emotional toll is tremendous and is made exponentially more difficult by unresolved financial issues directly related to the money spent trying to save your child’s life.

“I am angry today. It’s been three weeks… I miss my baby and I want to cuddle her, laugh with her, kiss her, and hear her voice. DIPG robbed me of all those things. It made her suffer horribly and is still making me suffer horribly. I am trying so hard to be strong.

Please spread the word about [pediatric cancers]. This has to stop. If your kids are healthy that’s even more reason to spread awareness. My baby was perfectly healthy till the day she was diagnosed. But nothing will change until we spread awareness. DIPG is 100% fatal. There have been no new treatments in over 30 years.

I have learned so much from this. Never take those you love for granted. Take every chance no matter how big or small to make a memory. Take that vacation. Leave work early to spend the day with your family. Play the board game your kids want to play. Turn off the TV. Always tell people how you feel about them and leave no regrets. This life is short.” -Terra Teller, Mariah’s Mom

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