For Tyler: Marching Forth on March Fourth

The story simply begins in 2011 when 16 year old Tyler Robinson, then in treatment for cancer, connected with Imagine Dragons at a very small concert in Provo, Utah, before Imagine Dragons even signed to a record label. Prior to attending the concert, the band learned of Tyler from a message sent to them by Tyler’s brother. The message was a note to let them know how their song “It’s Time” had become Tyler’s anthem during treatments. The band dedicated the performance of that song to Tyler, who happened to be in the audience that night, and a lasting friendship was born.

Tyler gained his angel wings on March 4, 2013. The following month, Imagine Dragons teamed up with the Robinson Family and TRF was born. Tyler’s inspiring life and positive example as he fought through several bouts with cancer, forever changed the perspective of the band.

Each year we rededicate ourselves to MARCHING FORTH on MARCH FOURTH, as we honor Tyler’s legacy and the impact he made on so many lives.

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DAY 1: Feb 26


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DAY 2: Feb 27


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DAY 3: Feb 28


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DAY 4: March 1


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Day 5: March 2


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DAY 6: March 3


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DAY 7: March 4


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DAY 8: March 5


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