Kate Pierson

Kate Pierson

Personality plus! Kate Pierson has a larger than life personality and she intends to beat her cancer in her unique, signature Kate-style. This little dancer was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma on April 19, 2013. Although Kate underwent an aggressive schedule of chemotherapy, her tumors did not shrink.

In 2014, Kate participated in a new radiation study that required the family to travel from Utah to San Francisco every 21 days. Additionally, in November 2014 Kate underwent back surgery and more chemotherapy in an attempt to stop the pervasive growth of this form of childhood cancer.

In 2015 Kate will begin antibody trials in New York, which means more expensive travel costs for this family.

Your ongoing donations helped pay travel costs for Kate’s treatment, as well as mortgage payment relief for this family as they do all they can to keep going.

We believe that if these children and their families are willing to keep fighting through the pain and difficulties, so must we. To learn more about Kate’s story, watch her video Plan on a Miracle.

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