Your voice, your time, and your money makes an immediate impact. We want you to know that when you organize an event or other fundraising activity, your money goes directly to helping children and their families work through the challenges of the many unseen costs of pediatric cancer. Get started by filling out this form and we’ll email you our TRF Fundraising Packet. You can also email us via info@trf.org with questions or ideas.

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Policy for Promoting Other Non-Profit Organizations

We couldn’t be more inspired and amazed by the countless non-profit organizations that do so much to help those struggling with pediatric cancer and other relevant issues. And although we often want to do otherwise, we believe that fidelity to our donors and our specific cause requires us to focus all our efforts on our current fundraising mission at this time. This means that we are currently unable to use TRF resources to promote or sponsor other charities. We hope that you understand and we wish you every success in furthering your worthy cause.