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It’s unfathomable to understand what a family experiences when their child is diagnosed with pediatric cancer. A seemingly timeless and breathless moment, followed by an overwhelming rush of fear? Perhaps. According to the American Cancer Society® “About 10,470 children in the United States under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with cancer in 2022.”* That’s 10,470 breathless moments, and just a fraction of the number of days spent in hospitals.

The mission of Tyler Robinson Foundation is to strengthen families financially and emotionally as they cope with the challenges of a pediatric cancer diagnosis by offsetting out-of-pocket life expenses.

The purpose of our “Paw You Need Is Love” Program is to deliver smiles and create brighter moments for children during their hospital stays. Whether you’re an individual interested in supporting a Chemo Kit Gift Bag for one or two children or a company interested in sponsoring 100+ gift boxes or port shirts, the program offers many levels of participation.

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About TRF

Tyler Robinson Foundation was born in 2013 when Imagine Dragons’ superfan and friend, Tyler Robinson, lost his battle with cancer at the young age of 17. Tyler’s legacy lives on today through TRF as we serve families coping with a devastating pediatric cancer diagnosis. We offer assistance to families who are dealing with a tragic diagnosis to ensure that insecurity in housing, utilities, and medical travel is not part of their cancer journey, and that hope, great memories, and fun experiences will balance the hard times.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

“Paw You Need Is Love” Gift Boxes:
Youth T-shirt
Plush Toy
TRF Heart Squeezie
Activities Book
“Furends” Greeting Card
$49.95 per box

Chemo Kit Gift Bags:
Port Shirt
Knit Cap
Activities Book
“Furends” Greeting Card
$44.95 per kit

Individual Items:
Activities Book $ 4.95
Knit Cap $ 7.95
Activities Book & Stickers $ 9.95
Plush Toy $ 24.95
Youth T-shirt $ 27.95
Port Shirt $ 39.95

Contact Rick at bark@pawkeydogs.com to sponsor