5 Easy Steps to Creating a TRF Fundraiser on Facebook

5 Easy Steps to Creating a TRF Fundraiser on Facebook

Creating an online fundraiser for the Tyler Robinson Foundation has never been easier, and to simplify it even further, we’ve laid out the 5 easy steps below.

  1. Login to your Facebook account (if you aren’t already) and look to the left side of your homepage or newsfeed page. Scroll down and click on “Create Fundraiser”.


2. A pop-up window appears, as seen below:



  3. In the Nonprofit* field, type “The Tyler Robinson Foundation” and select it from the drop down list. This will cause some of the information in your campaign to auto-populate. Feel free to use our header images OR create your own!


   4. Give your fundraiser a title and share the details behind your fundraiser and the Tyler Robinson Foundation in the ‘Tell Your Story” section.

   5. Set an END DATE for your campaign, set a GOAL, click CREATE, then invite your FRIENDS to participate and to spread the word! Anyone on Facebook can donate and money is deposited directly to TRF when your campaign is completed. 



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