TRF Expands Internationally, Are We Near You?

TRF Expands Internationally, Are We Near You?

Jsme tak nadšeni! (We’re so excited!)

TRF Expands to Prague

Because of the hard work and perseverance of some of our international supporters, we’re proud to announce our first international hospital partnership with Motol University Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic. We can’t wait to be supporting families in Europe in the very near future.

More International Growth Thanks to SAP

SAP has been an invaluable partner of TRF since the very beginning, so it’s only fitting that they’re also helping us branch into new international regions this year. Their SAP Customer Experience teams are rallying together in 3 different mega-regions to raise money to sponsor three new families abroad. Check out their fundraising info and totals here:

As a result of each of these fundraisers we’ll be looking forward to TRF team members visiting San Antonio, Texas as part of the America’s effort, Algarve, Portugal, as part of the European effort, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as part of the Asia effort. Are you near any of these areas? Or near Prague? Reply to this email and let us know!

If you’re from any of these regions and want your TRF donation to stay close to home, feel free to donate via any of the links above.

Check out this amazing pic of our friends from the National Cancer Society of Malaysia who accompanied 4 pediatric cancer families to Legoland in Malaysia last week. TRF is thrilled for the future opportunity to be able to serve families like these worldwide in 2019.

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