4 Ways To Celebrate March Fo[u]rth with Gold for Pediatric Cancer

To pediatric cancer families, the color gold holds special meaning. Gold is the national color for childhood cancer.

Gold is the national color for childhood cancer.

By tweeting the quote above, you just helped raise awareness for pediatric cancer! Do you know which month of the year is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Throughout the month of September, we hope to turn the attention of the nation and the world towards pediatric cancer.

Each day in the United States more than a classroom of kids are diagnosed with cancer.1

And yet, “childhood cancer research accounts for less than 5% of the [National Cancer] Institute’s annual budget.2” Furthermore,  the amount in dollars given to childhood cancer research has been steadily declining since 2009.

Help Us Raise 1 MILLION VOICES OF HOPE on March 4th!

Tyler H. Robinson’s battle with cancer ended March 4th, 2013. In the spirit of his life March 4th [fourth] became March Fo[u]rth.

March Fo[u]rth with us as we kick-off our annual campaign to raise 1 million voices of hope for pediatric cancer families. In the spirit of all of our young heroes, have fun doing it!

Here are 4 ways to celebrate March 4th|March Fo[u]rth with gold, along with a few ideas to help bring out your unique TRF voice!

Four Ways To Celebrate March Fo[u]rth with Gold | TRF.org #slaycancerwithdragons


  • Send each of your child’s classmates home with a recipe card for homemade gold slime. Add a note about why you’re celebrating March 4TH|March Fo[u]rth. Encourage them to visit TRF.org.
  • Plan a balloon pop for pediatric cancer. Ask local retailers if they’d be willing to donate a prize in exchange for promotion at your event. At your event, insert either a “Thank You” slip or a prize slip into each [gold] balloon before you fill it with helium. Be sure to notify your guests that not all balloons contain a prize. Sell the balloons for a set price. Once all of the balloons have been sold, invite your guests to pop their balloon(s).
  • Host a physical OR virtual Bring & Buy event. Participants donate|bring an item, and in turn buy an item from another participant. All participate with the understanding that the money from each sale will become a donation for pediatric cancer.
  • Leave lengths of gold ribbon next to a tree in your front yard with low-hanging branches. With a sign, invite passersby to tie a gold ribbon around a branch in honor of pediatric cancer families.


  • Host a “mani for a cure” party for moms and daughters to raise awareness for pediatric cancer. Welcome voluntary donations. Be ready with manicure supplies, nail decals and polish. Add some gold to your refreshment(s). Invite guests to ‘march’ their new manicure in front of the “mani-cam” and Instagram, Pin, Share, and Tweet their photo to help raise awareness. Get Miss Ladyfinger’s mani-cam tutorial here.
  • Plan a 1-hour thrift store scavenger hunt date night. You’re in search for gold to wear on March 4TH!
  • Raise awareness by inviting your co-workers to wear gold on March 4TH. Bring extra gold items for those who might forget, and leave them in a common area.


  • Awareness can begin in your own family. Host a gold dinner for your family. Discuss what each family member can do to raise awareness during National Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September. Consider planning a family fundraising event.
  • Take dinner to a pediatric cancer family. Include a gold dessert!
  • Give away gold treats to raise awareness, or sell gold treats to raise funds
  • Organize a “game for gold” board game night for families. Each game table will need a host|hostess who knows and explains the rules of the game. Admission tickets and refreshments are great opportunities to raise funds.


  • Visit the M4 page on our website for more great ways to share here
  • Text M4 to 51555 for giveaways and insider info on March Fo[u]rth
  • Share a link to The Tyler Robinson Foundation Facebook page
  • Tweet one [or all] of our tweetable quotes from this post
  • On Pinterest, the terms “gold” and “ribbon” don’t result in any pins for pediatric cancer. Flood Pinterest with your gold ribbon ideas, and don’t forget to include the hashtags #myTRFvoice and #slaycancerwithdragons!
  • Share a link to the music video “It’s Time” on March 4TH and include the hashtags #myTRFvoice and #slaycancerwithdragons.

Tyler loved music, which was the catalyst for his relationship with the band Imagine Dragons. One of his favorite lyrics during the time he was battling cancer comes from the song “It’s Time,” which says the road to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell. When the band heard about this, they dedicated the song to him at a show [TRF.org].


YOU can help us raise 1 million voices of hope on March 4th. Through small and simple actions, incredible things can happen and lives can change.

The Tyler Robinson Foundation began with a Facebook message.




1 U.S. Cancer Statistics Working Group. United States Cancer Statistics: 1999–2011 Incidence and Mortality Web-based Report. Atlanta: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Cancer Institute; 2014. Available at: www.cdc.gov/uscs.

2 Fiscal Year 2012 Senate Appropriations Committee Report and Conference Committee Report. Available at: http://officeofbudget.od.nih.gov/pdfs/FY13/Vol%202%20-%20Significant%20Items.pdf.

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