Gavin and Ethan Tell YOU How to Get Involved

Gavin and Ethan Tell YOU How to Get Involved

We first heard of the Tyler Robinson Foundation shortly after it was founded in 2013. We followed the foundation for a long time before becoming involved because we were not sure what we could do or if we had anything to offer. We have now been working with the foundation for nearly a year and have found that through many small acts anyone can help to make a difference for families who are facing childhood cancer. Want to get involved. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use your social media voice. The Tyler Robinson Foundation can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Like and follow their pages. Share posts with your friends and family and let others know about the foundation and the good they are doing for families who truly need it.
  • Purchase and Wear TRF Gear. When you purchase items from the TRF store or from your local Hard Rock Café you are not only getting some really cool merchandise, but a portion of your sale goes directly toward helping families facing pediatric cancer. Believe us that when you wear your TRF merchandise people will ask about the foundation and especially about the “Slay Cancer With Dragons” logo. What a great opportunity to tell even more people about the amazing work that is being done.




  • Make a Donation: It is easy to make a donation and no donation is too small. If you are interested in supporting families with the unseen costs of childhood cancer click this link https://trf.org/donate/ and start now! Ask family and friends to make a donation on your birthday or a special occasion or holiday. What better way to celebrate than by making a difference.


  • Plan and run a TRF fundraiser. Get some friends together and run a fundraiser. Be creative and link your fundraiser to something that you like to do and you will find that the fundraiser becomes something fun rather than work. Contact the foundation to let them know you are planning a fundraiser and they will get you started by providing you with T-shirts and/or wristbands. Some of our favorite fundraisers to date have been a superhero day at our school, a used book sale, plant sale, bake sale, photo booth, and a talent show with programs and autographed photos of the performers.


  • Learn about Childhood Cancer and Share the Information: Cancer continues to be the number one cause of death by disease in children across North America and much of the world. Worldwide a child is diagnosed with cancer ever 3 minutes yet only a very small percentage, less than 4%, of cancer funding is directed towards childhood cancers. Every day in the U.S. alone 7 children will die from childhood cancer and many current treatments are over 30 years old and cause long term effects for patients. Raise your voice, write to local politicians, inform people about this and join in the fight to change this story.
  • Support a Local Childhood Cancer Organization or Family: The Tyler Robinson Foundation is part of a large network of organizations dedicated to changing the childhood cancer story and supporting families who are fighting this battle. Inspired by TRF you can get involved with an organization in your own area. If they are having a fundraiser volunteer to help and get involved. There are most definitely families in your area struggling with the fight against childhood cancer. In the giving spirit of Imagine Dragons, the Tyler Robinson Foundation and mostly of Tyler himself, offer support to these families. Make them a meal, purchase a gift card, rake leaves, shovel a driveway, bake a special treat, sponsor a family over the holidays. Don’t forget to let the foundation know about your amazing efforts to help. TRF can reach far more families and spread more hope and joy when we all work together to make a difference.“We can not all do great things but we can all do small things with great love.”- Mother Theresa. Let us work together to show love to families faced with an unimaginable situation by finding small ways each of us can make a difference. By working together TRF will continue to be an amazing light to families everywhere.




If you would like more information about getting involved contact the foundation for even more ideas and support.
Gavin Morrison (15) and Ethan Morrison (13) TRF youth volunteers


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